Field Trip Approval

For clarity of communication, liability, and district policy, be sure to have all field trips approved via the request for field trip form located behind the trip slips in the main office.  Telling Mathew or Stacy orally that you are going on a field trip is not sufficient.  This week there were two unauthorized field trips that office did not know about.

Thank You

Thank you to all staff for your participation in our school tours this week.  Both the parent and educator tours were both well attended  and early reviews are fantastic.  The teachers from New Zealand who are looking to get project based learning going in their schools left inspired.

Thank you for your hard work, bravery, and flexibility.  The great work you are doing is being noticed.

Digital Citizenship Week

Teachers,  take extra care this week to point to our  Melrose student Digital Citizenship Expectations.  All  students and families agreed to these agreements in our Technology-Use Contract:

  1. I will be safe in all my activities connected to technology use.
  2. I will be polite in all my digital interactions and creations.
  3. I will listen and follow the directions of my parents, teachers, support staff, after-school staff and school administrators with regards to my technology and Internet use.

Coach students in using Google Advanced for searching license free images.  Alternately, follow our Melrose Stars website, under LEARN, for a plethora of links to Royalty Free Resources.

Illness Forms

New forms for illness/non-illness are available in the main office.  Please make sure to fill out the forms completely.  Specifically, if you are taking an illness on behalf of someone else (personal necessity, kin care, bereavement, court date, etc.) you need to specify who the absence is for on the line that says, “relation:”

If you are taking personal necessity for non-illness, please use the side of form that says “non-illness” and specify the reason for the absence.  Please see your respective contract for information on which reasons are allowed for your bargaining unit.

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